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Dear participants of the STOWA design competition, 

like already announced before, there were big manipulations in the voting of the design contest. Our intentions to figure out the manipulations in the evaluation of the voting has took a very long time and could not be solved with our completely satisfaction. Therefore we have decided to accept the evaluation the way it is. We will now tender the prize to the winners respectively the placed participants, more than we planned before. Naturally will the winner of the design contest win a watch which will be built by Mr. Jörg Schauer corresponding to the design of the winner. (Value approximately EUR 2000.00, due to unique watch). We will keep you updated about this process. 😉

A continuation of the design contest at watchtime.net won’t proceed for the moment, since we couldn’t figure out an impeccable result due to the manipulations.  We had also intensively tried to find an acceptable solution, but no kind of solution would be fair enough for you as creatives. You have in partial invested so much time to settle down your inspiration in your draft. My plan was to leave the design contest very open, to leave your phantasy without any restrictions. Unfortunately did the manipulations conducted this good idea, quickly to insecurity and distortion. Even the overwhelming participation of more than 460 different designs, I would do some things different the next time. 

I would like to thank you again warmly in the name of the trade mark STOWA. Now I want to inform you about the prizes, that we will send for the best 10 designs.

1st place: production of the winner watch for the value of approximately EUR 2000.00

2nd place: a STOWA voucher for the value of approximately EUR 150.00

3rdplace: a STOWA voucher for the value of approximately EUR 100.00

4th – 10th place: a STOWA pocketknife and STOWA voucher for the value of approximately EUR 25.00

Again, my most sincerely thanks for the participation and your engagement on the design contest.

Your STOWA -Team and Jörg Schauer